Mark Kelly – Photographer
MKImages – Fine Art Prints

I have had a long interest in photography but only in the last 8-9 years have I begun to pursue it seriously.

I participated in the National round of Australian Professional Photographers Awards, held in Sydney (Mar 2012). I was fortunate to be awarded runner-up in the landscape section.

Also my work was recognised with second prize at the 2009 Sydney Royal Easter Show in the urban section. (“Pipe Detail” in the Sydney Gallery collection.)

I also have participated in several group exhibitions. In 2007 I held my first solo exhibition at the Milk Factory Galley, which was a resounding success. Whilst my main subjects are landscapes, nature and abstracts, I often end up with a different interpretation. My style is best described as eclectic.

I want to  move beyond what the camera sees to what my mind thinks it sees. Sometimes the final image appears as imagined, other times images take on a new life, different to the original intent. It is the endless possibilities that make the process of image making, rather than picture taking, so stimulating. For me the digital versus film argument is irrelevant. Both mediums have advantages and it is the image and the process, not the mechanics of capture that is important.

What is exciting about digital photography for me is that rather than simply taking photographs I am able to concentrate on creating art. I can experiment with a myriad of techniques, with the only limitation being imagination. Some of these include infra-red techniques & High Dynamic Range (HDR).  Often I find that I can revisit older images and see something new.

Other areas of image making that interest me at the moment are stitching multiple images into panoramas. Some of these include the “traditional” panoramic view. Others use a mosaic of images that have sometimes unexpected results, as the eye is not used to seeing this different perspective.


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